The QC Ware Platform

Quantum computing is here. Harness it with the QC Ware Platform.
Academic and enterprise groups: contact us to enquire about early access.

The QC Ware Platform:

The way to develop for quantum computers.

QC Ware develops software to solve problems in combinatorial optimization and machine learning with efficiency unmatched by traditional HPC solutions. The QC Ware Platform allows scientists, researchers, and developers to painlessly integrate quantum computing into their existing computational workflows or to start developing brand new applications on top of current-generation quantum computing hardware.

Graphical Web Applications

Our cloud-based applications provide a user-friendly web interface for enterprise, government and academia.

Universal API

The platform offers a simple yet flexible API with a flat learning curve. Developers can query the platform API using their favorite technologies and toolsets. Quantum computing has never been more accessible or powerful than with the QC Ware Platform.